Jan 13, 2012

Triond Sends Payment on January 2012

Thank you Triond for sending in my online earning yesterday, January 12. Better late than never, indeed! This is an update of my blog post regarding Triond delaying on their payments due to paypal issues.

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I am very happy to see my online money from Triond. This is one of those times that writing online for money is just fun, fun fun! I had a good feeling that I am really going to receive my Triond earnings sooner than the February cut-off. Thank goodness my gut-feel proved to be correct again. Thank you Triond! :)

In connection with this mild bump, I am to confess that I wrote 2 health articles with Expertscolumn.  I know I said that Triond pays better than Expertscolumn in terms of health and gaming articles. I am certain that if I am to write any health articles, it will be with you Triond. However, you would understand why I published my health articles with Expertscolumn, right? :) On my end, it’s really cool to have an alternative writing site. Hihihi… To you my readers, if you’d like to check out my Expertscolumn articles, you can see them all here.

Expertscolumn’s dashboard is not as friendly as Triond’s. That’s why I created a site to publish all the links of my Expertscolumn articles. Cool right? If you’re an Expertscolumn writer, you can do this as well. It’s free anyway.

Anyway, now that Triond is back on track, I will be writing online articles for this site again. I wonder what I will write about next. For now, I am happy with my $7.60 for the month of December since I really didn't work for it last month. I hope to multiply this amount to 3 or 4 times for my February online earnings.

What about you? How good did you do last month? :)

Jan 11, 2012

Triond Postpones Payment

This January, Triond postpones payment for the first time. (It's the first time for me at least.) Triond announces that the delay in payment is due to the suspension of their Paypal account, etc., etc. According to their apology letter, checks and Western Union payments were released as scheduled, at least.

I have nothing against Triond, my friends. In fact, I am glad they informed us of this incident so that I avoid scratching my head wondering when my Triond money is coming in. I hope Triond and Paypal sort things out so that I can finally enjoy my online earnings from Triond. On the brighter side, my Triond earnings are rolled up until I receive payment (or until February cut-off, I guess.) That’s a bigger sum for the next payment day.
Triond, dude, don’t worry. You're still good in my book. I am not quite happy with the delay but it's not like me to hold a grudge. I'm happy writing contents for you and promoting them on various sites. When I receive my paypal money, I shall be happier!  ;)

The good news is that I have received money from Expertscolumn. It's this site that I'm working on, in addition to Triond. I even made a bare comparison on Triond and Expertscolumn rates. While it seems that Expertscolumn pay more than Triond, it's not a 100% true. Triond rates are better in few sites like Healthmad and Gameolosophy. As to poetry and cooking articles, Expertscolumn is where they should be. With regards to communities, Triond members are more active than Expertscolumn. However, Expertscolumn tend to get more organic clicks.

I’m thankful that Expertscolumn is there fill up the temporary gap from Triond. Hopefully, Triond fixes their administrative issues with Paypal so writers like me will continue enjoying a worry-free experience with Triond.

How about you? Any qualms you have in mind for Triond? :P

Jan 9, 2012

Happy New Year Triond Writers and Readers

This is my first blog post for 2012. I've been away for 3 long weeks and it feels great to be back. Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you more and more success in your online earning careers and endeavors!

I spend most of my holidays with my family back home with minimal internet connection. During my vacation, I decided not to worry about my online earnings during that time so that I may truly enjoy my rest. That's why I am considering my January money (earned in December) as my true passive income.

This January, I am expecting $7.60 from Triond. Not bad! I say, it's a great way to start my year. Plus I just requested payout from Expertscolumn. Another $5 for me, Yay!

Anyway, it's a new year once more. A new beginning. The perfect time (as always) to start a habit or a resolution. With that, this is my proclamation - This year, my goal for my online earnings is to reach a $100 a day. I am sure it will not be easy for me to reach this target. However, I am certain to do my very best to succeed. ;)

Earning a dollar a day is already a feat. What more for a daily $100! A $100 a day is a lot... a lot of hard work, a lot of planning, a lot of execution and a lot of money when everything comes into place. However, I will focus on the rewards of my work so everything would feel effortless on my part.

Triond of course, is definitely a part of this online earning goal. I am going to use several other earning and social bookmarking sites like Experstcolumn, Squidoo and Bukisa to make my goal a reality this year. Hopefully, I can realize this target so that I may also share with you all how I did it!

And you, my friends? What is your target for this year?