Oct 31, 2011

10k Triond Views This Month! Well done, me! :)

How to get Triond views used to be difficult for me. A hundred visitors in one month seemed to be so hard to get before. Thanks to my Triond and online friends, I learned to increased that batting rate to a much, much higher percentage. This month, I am happy to see the 10,000++ views I have for my 98 articles.

Happy me! :)

I have to admit, writing online for money is becoming a lot more exciting these past days. Writing for Triond is proving to be a good move. I've come a long way in my search for online income - from paid to clicks to paid to posts and finally, to becoming a freelance writer.

Writing for Triond is just half of the challenge. Getting traffic is the other half. If you're new to Triond, I suggest to start working with its community. There are many Triond writers who are willing to help our newcomers. I know because I got my first ever 1000 views from the Triond community.

Let's go back to my accumulated views for this month. See, I think I only know 5% of the SEO techniques. 5%? That's nothing compared to what professional online promoters and marketers use. However, I make sure I use this 5% to maximize my Triond views and earnings.While there are so many ways to make money online (by writing or by any other means), I believe that what I know NOW may deliver optimum results when done continuously without fail. I say, consistency is essential in increasing views and traffic.

So, my advise to you is this. Whatever you're doing now to get Triond views, continue doing it. And if you haven't started building up your views yet, start with the Triond community. Add friends; comment on their articles; and ask them to do the same for you. Do this for a week or 2 and you'll see some great improvements in your views and earnings.


Oct 29, 2011

Dealing with Writer's Block in Triond No More!

Writer's block is common to mostly all writers, freelance writers, newbies and professional alike. It's not something to hide or be ashamed of. It just happens. We make money writing articles and contents for different sites. It's therefore important for us to always have something to write about.

Writing for Triond for the past months, I learned some tricks along the way in order to be prepared in times of this kind of draught. Perhaps these tips may be handy for you as well.

1. When ideas come, they come in bulk. You may want to write about blogging tips in one time; then some ideas SEO techniques may pop out of nowhere; then another idea, and then another. When this time comes, put all these ideas in your bucket list and pin them for the moment.

Finish the article you first thought of, which is this case is presumed to be about tips on blogging. Go through your list one at a time. Before you know it, you've written a couple of articles with even some more ideas to spare for your next writing session.

2. You can also create a list of draft articles in Triond by putting in temporary titles, like the ones below you. These are my draft articles with nothing in them. When I feel like writing, I just go and pick up any of these so I can start with my work.

3. Write first with your heart; then with your mind. This means don't be too conscious of what you write and how you write your articles. Let your heart speak first by way of a draft. Put everything you think of in a notepad or word file; then edit them later. Fix the line of thought in your story. Then, correct your grammar. And finally, plug in your keywords.

4. Write things that interests you. Writing for money would be so much easy in Triond when the writer is actually interested to what s/he is writing about. For example, I enjoy eating healthy foods. Since I want to know the nutrients I get from the foods I eat; I tend to write about them. I also enjoy playing games with my phone and on my computer, so I write about them, too. This takes off the burden from creating the articles in my mind. Plus, you'll slowly create a niche of your own; and earning money online by writing wouldn't be so hard.

5. Write about the things that surround you. Are you into electronic? Write a review on phones and laptop computers. Are you into housekeeping? Write about the what's and the how's of maintaining a house and a home. When you strike something that interests you, it's impossible not to think of another idea, and another, and another. In this case, do the suggest in no. 1.

If you follow the tips above, it would be hard not fall into the writer's block pit. But if you still do, I suggest to take a break for a few hours. Relax. You'll soon find an inspiration to write about.

Online income is easy when you have a system. - a system for writing and for promoting. One needs to work it, like in every thing else. Writing online for money is more fun with some simple guides, believe me. While there are plenty of ways to make money online; making money by writing is my favorite thing.

I hope these tips help in some way.

Happy earning everyone!

Oct 24, 2011

How I Started with Triond

Making money with Triond is actually really easy. You don't have to pay for anything. All you need is a paypal account and time - Time to write articles; time to promote articles.

What to write?
Triond hosts a number of writing sites. Members write and Triond publishes the articles according to their subject matters and/or topics. Each site pays a different rate per click or view. What you want to write for are topics that pay more. These include health articles on Healthmad, gaming articles on Gameolosophy, or factual articles on Scienceray. Gomestic, Quazen, Beyond Jane and Socyberty also pay high rates.

Those that pay less include Notecook, Cinemaroll and AThingForCars. As much as I love writing recipe articles for Notecook, I choose not to.

There are many other sites, but these are the ones I know.

How to promote?
Promoting your articles will eat up time. There are many ways and techniques to do so. Truth is, some are effective; some , not so. I've tried several ways to get views, and I'd like to share them with you so you don't waste your time with trial and error. Also, some techniques works for others; some don't. So you really need to know which one works for you. There's one thing for sure, though. You will need time.

If you're new in Triond, first thing to do is add Triond friends. Triond community is very active and are mostly very welcoming in viewing and commenting on your articles. That's as long as you view and comment theirs. That's where you will need the time for. There are many way to get views in Triond itself. Let's pin this topic for the mean time, so I can put more thought into it.

Social bookmarks and social sites are great ways to get views for your articles. Want to increase views? Get a free Twitter, StumbleUpon, Diggit and Facebook account for starters. Gather people with the same interest as yours so you get an audience for your views. Let me dig into more in this in a separate article, as well.

For now, this is all my friend!

Oct 23, 2011

Writing for Triond

Triond is a publishing website that allows its members to share their works online. It caters to write-ups, video media and as well as photo arts.

Since I am not a skill or trained writer, Triond works for me. I find working with it fun and exciting. Compared to other writing sites (like Shvoong, Hubpages or Squidoo), I spend more time with Triond because of its active community, one thing you need in order to start earning money for this site.

Here is my tool in writing with Triond. You'll see my works in Healthmad, Notecook, Gameolosophy and Cinemaroll, among others.

I have been a Triond writer since October 2010. I have to admit that my first earnings here could hardly buy me a meal. It was less than a dollar in fact; and I got it after three months with the site. Naturally, I felt discouraged at first. Good thing a friend inspired me with your Triond views. I thought to myself, that it is doable to make a decent money here, if only I'd learn how.

And since then, I searched and research for ways of how to increase my Triond views and earnings.

In this blogsite, I will share with you how to do just that. I have no intention of keeping the "how's" and tricks in Triond for myself. I'd be happy to share with you what I know.

That's it for now.