Oct 29, 2011

Dealing with Writer's Block in Triond No More!

Writer's block is common to mostly all writers, freelance writers, newbies and professional alike. It's not something to hide or be ashamed of. It just happens. We make money writing articles and contents for different sites. It's therefore important for us to always have something to write about.

Writing for Triond for the past months, I learned some tricks along the way in order to be prepared in times of this kind of draught. Perhaps these tips may be handy for you as well.

1. When ideas come, they come in bulk. You may want to write about blogging tips in one time; then some ideas SEO techniques may pop out of nowhere; then another idea, and then another. When this time comes, put all these ideas in your bucket list and pin them for the moment.

Finish the article you first thought of, which is this case is presumed to be about tips on blogging. Go through your list one at a time. Before you know it, you've written a couple of articles with even some more ideas to spare for your next writing session.

2. You can also create a list of draft articles in Triond by putting in temporary titles, like the ones below you. These are my draft articles with nothing in them. When I feel like writing, I just go and pick up any of these so I can start with my work.

3. Write first with your heart; then with your mind. This means don't be too conscious of what you write and how you write your articles. Let your heart speak first by way of a draft. Put everything you think of in a notepad or word file; then edit them later. Fix the line of thought in your story. Then, correct your grammar. And finally, plug in your keywords.

4. Write things that interests you. Writing for money would be so much easy in Triond when the writer is actually interested to what s/he is writing about. For example, I enjoy eating healthy foods. Since I want to know the nutrients I get from the foods I eat; I tend to write about them. I also enjoy playing games with my phone and on my computer, so I write about them, too. This takes off the burden from creating the articles in my mind. Plus, you'll slowly create a niche of your own; and earning money online by writing wouldn't be so hard.

5. Write about the things that surround you. Are you into electronic? Write a review on phones and laptop computers. Are you into housekeeping? Write about the what's and the how's of maintaining a house and a home. When you strike something that interests you, it's impossible not to think of another idea, and another, and another. In this case, do the suggest in no. 1.

If you follow the tips above, it would be hard not fall into the writer's block pit. But if you still do, I suggest to take a break for a few hours. Relax. You'll soon find an inspiration to write about.

Online income is easy when you have a system. - a system for writing and for promoting. One needs to work it, like in every thing else. Writing online for money is more fun with some simple guides, believe me. While there are plenty of ways to make money online; making money by writing is my favorite thing.

I hope these tips help in some way.

Happy earning everyone!

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