Jan 11, 2012

Triond Postpones Payment

This January, Triond postpones payment for the first time. (It's the first time for me at least.) Triond announces that the delay in payment is due to the suspension of their Paypal account, etc., etc. According to their apology letter, checks and Western Union payments were released as scheduled, at least.

I have nothing against Triond, my friends. In fact, I am glad they informed us of this incident so that I avoid scratching my head wondering when my Triond money is coming in. I hope Triond and Paypal sort things out so that I can finally enjoy my online earnings from Triond. On the brighter side, my Triond earnings are rolled up until I receive payment (or until February cut-off, I guess.) That’s a bigger sum for the next payment day.
Triond, dude, don’t worry. You're still good in my book. I am not quite happy with the delay but it's not like me to hold a grudge. I'm happy writing contents for you and promoting them on various sites. When I receive my paypal money, I shall be happier!  ;)

The good news is that I have received money from Expertscolumn. It's this site that I'm working on, in addition to Triond. I even made a bare comparison on Triond and Expertscolumn rates. While it seems that Expertscolumn pay more than Triond, it's not a 100% true. Triond rates are better in few sites like Healthmad and Gameolosophy. As to poetry and cooking articles, Expertscolumn is where they should be. With regards to communities, Triond members are more active than Expertscolumn. However, Expertscolumn tend to get more organic clicks.

I’m thankful that Expertscolumn is there fill up the temporary gap from Triond. Hopefully, Triond fixes their administrative issues with Paypal so writers like me will continue enjoying a worry-free experience with Triond.

How about you? Any qualms you have in mind for Triond? :P

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