Mar 9, 2012

Triond Sends Payment on March 2012

Wow! This is something new for me. Triond sends February payments 2 days in advance. Kudos! and thanks once again Triond for paying me consistently.

I have to admit, though. The views have been dropping as well as the cents. My passive online money from Triond dropped so low this month to 90cents. hahahaha! I thought I could make it to a dollar, even. Actually, if Triond had waited for the 10th of the month, my 90cents would surely be a dollar since I already have 12cents in! Lol!

At any rate, I know I haven't been promoting my Triond articles lately. Soon, I will get back on you my dearies. For now, I am happy that my articles are earning money by themselves and getting searched online on their own. How I wish Google and Yahoo! can see all of you! I wish.


  1. Yes, Triond rate is decreasing. I got only 45+ dollars.

  2. Oh sis! alam mo bang after many months, it's just now that I got my very first payment on Triond. Tumataginting na $2.20!! lol!

    I was just wondering to where do you earn the most? Can you pls share?

    Just message me here:

  3. waw interesting