Dec 15, 2011

Triond and Expertscolumn Rates Compared

If you and I are friends in Facebook, you'll know that I have been writing for Expertscolumn lately. If you're also following my Triond blog, you would know that I am looking for ways in earning a dollar a day in Triond. That's a consistent dollar a day. Not a dollar to day, and 70cents today, and 60cents the next day. And if you are already earning a dollar a day in Triond, I would be much obliged if you share with me your tricks. ;)

Image courtesy of Images_of_money from flickr

Anyway, Triond and Expertscolumn are the 2 sites I am working on at the moment. I am earning 10-20cents daily with Expertscolumn with my 20 articles (and growing). On the other hand, I have 119 articles in Triond which gives me 60-80cents daily. (For this month however, I am expecting as low as 30cents a day in Triond since I have not been promoting my links as I usually do. As opposed to the other online marketers, December is my lazy month. I'm going for a vacation soon and I don't want to bring the hype of getting Triond views while I am away.) 

I've only started writing for Expertcolumn last November so I don't have a strong baseline of comparison between Triond and Expertscolumn. However, I have my raw data from all my Triond articles and I have Expertscolumn' published rates. Let's start from there.

Expertscolumn says that it gives $1.50 for every 1000 views or .0015cents per view. No Google adsense necessarily. No clicked ads considered.

On Triond's corner, the rates given varies from site to site where our articles are published. I am often publishing articles on Healthmad, one of its high-paying sites. You can also choose to publish with Scienceray, Socyberty and Gameolosophy. I searches among my articles with 1000 views at least in order to complete my comparison between Triond and Expertscolumn.

Here's what I found.

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs earns .0018c per click or $1.32 for 702 clicks and a promising $1.869 for 1000 clicks...
Health Benefits of Eating Watermelons earns .0016 per click or $1.86 for 1,161 clicks and counting...
Health Benefits of Eating Bananas earns .00179 per click or $1.84 for its 1027 clicks and counting...

It's honestly surprising for me to know that Healthmad articles alone have earn higher rates than Expertscolumn articles which is .0015cents. I also checked the rates of Gameolosophy, Quazen and Socyberty since I have a few in those sites. It turns out that Gameolosophy articles earn us about .0017cents per view; Quazen, .0007cents and Socyberty, .0010cents.

Given these rates, I will choose to write health and gaming articles with Triond and the rest with Expertscolumn. I hope this simple analysis helps you decide which site to write for, as well.


  1. This is great to know my friend,now I know where to publish my articles,thanks for this!