Dec 11, 2011

Writing online for money? So am I!

Do you enjoy writing online for money? Me, yes especially now that I just received December's payment from Triond. If you're still wondering whether the site is paying or otherwise, here's a proof to you that Triond pays.

I've been writing for Triond since October 2010. I'm writing online for me and I am enjoying it. However, it is not always fun and joy. Increasing views and traffic for my Triond articles are both fun and frustrating, actually. Sometimes the pay is great; sometime it is not. It's typical for someone writing online for money, I guess.

See, I received my first payment in Triond after more than 2 months after my first ever article. 2 long and boring months. That is frustrating! I didn't know what I was doing online. I didn't know what writing online for money means. All I knew was that there is money online. There is money in writing.  I thought that Triond may be one of my gateways to do just that. And indeed it is. Triond helped me make money online.

Writing online for money is not as hard nor as easy as what others would say. It really depends on one's passion, one's skill and one's time. I learned that writing online for money takes more than just the writing skill; though it starts there. Writing online for money is a learning process where one needs to learn several SEO techniques here and there in order to get article links noticed by search engines, by forums, by other writing sites. Writing online for money is a hobby (or a career) that needs a audience. The bigger the audience, the bigger the money.

Writing online for money will help me earn $100, $300, $500 and even thousands in a month. One day, you'll see. ;) This is how I would like to rake money from the internet, writing.

Right now, Triond and Expertscolumn are the 2 sites that help my writing online for money dream a reality. $13.74 today, $1374.00 tomorrow; perhaps and even $13,740.00 in the future. Yeap, that's the dream!

Now, we like writing online for money as well? How is it, so far?


  1. Wow my friend! That's a big dream for me to be earning $1374 in amonth from writing,haha! But with big effort,I know we can make it especially if we made it to google search and that's what I've been wanting to,to be qualified in the top ten search list in google,hehe!

  2. So true my friend! However can we do that... hmm?! :)