Dec 8, 2011

Republish Articles to Get Ahead: Good or Bad Idea?

Do you republish articles to different publishing sites? At the moment, I don't republish articles.

I'm not against it. I'm even encouraging other freelance writers to do so since that means extra views and money for their works. To republish articles in Wikinut, Bukisa or Expertscolumn, is like hitting 2 and even more birds in one stone. There are several free article publishing sites that currently allow one to republish articles to other sites.

On the other hand, I am reserving my right to do so (at the moment). I'm writing for Triond and Expertscolumn. Though, I know I can easily click republish articles (a.k.a. copy-paste) from Triond to the other site, something tells me not too. Perhaps it’s because I am still enjoying the thrill of writing.

It’s not a matter of moral standards, as well. I am writing online for money, first of all. When I see an opportunity online, I would often grab it. Publishing articles that I have in Triond really sound appealing; however, I'll keep on writing original content and NOT republish articles for now. I know I can republish all my articles in the future, anyway. Lol! There's no rush.

Besides, I’m challenging myself not to succumb to the hype of article republishing. I’d like to share original contents as long as I can. I’m more into finding ways to promote my works and learning SEO techniques to get organic views.

In light of writing money, there are certainly many ways to make money online. Republish articles is definitely one of those. If you plan to republish articles though, make sure that the Terms of Service (TOS) of your article publisher or websites allows you to do so. In the case of Helium for instance, it has a 1 year hold period before you may republish articles from them elsewhere.

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