Nov 26, 2011

A Dollar A Day in Triond! Wouldn't it be nice?

Every now and then, I earn a dollar in a day in Triond. Each time feels like the first time, too. Below is a screenshot of one of my lucky, happy days!

There is a sense of thrill to freelance writers with no professional experience like me, to actually make good money in writing online. And a dollar a day is good money, I tell you! If done everyday, wouldn't that mean 30 dollars online?

Earning a dollar a day every day is actually one of my goals in Triond. I keep on searching and try new SEO techniques in order to get more of the organic views. This kind of view is the one coming from search engines like,,, bing,, (You get the picture right?) That's why I got excited to see some of these sites in my top referring sites. I shared that in one of my earlier posts here, actually. However fun and rewarding, I know that I still need to improve my daily methods of operation in Triond in order to increase those views. So... I tried the advise I read from oneone of the articles of a Triond member. 

Want to increase your Triond earnings, too? Try this...

1. Make the title of your articles catchy. For example, I changed my "Getting Rid of Stretch Marks" article to "How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast!" and my Negative Calories in the Foods our Diets, I changed to "For Faster Weight Loss: Add Negative Calorie Foods in Your Diets".

2. I added 3 backlinks at the end of my each of my articles. Those article links should be related to that particular article they are reading, of course.This way, my readers have easier options to check what are the other articles I have. When they click it.. it's ca$hing! ca$hing! for me and new learning for my readers. hihihihi..

Let me give you an example. For my Fruit Ninja article, I added these few lines.
"You liked this? You may also be interested in these articles below:
-Health Benefits of Running Exercises
-Healthy Ways of Losing Weight
-Negative Calorie Foods in our Diets"

Easy right?

If you're writing for Triond, or perhaps in any other writing site, try these few tricks. Then, let's hope it gets you additional views. ;)

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