Nov 6, 2011

My Goal is to make 20 Triond Articles this November

This month, I am not going to worry on how to get Triond views. October was all about promoting Triond links. I focused on ways on how to get views. This month however, I plan to add at least 20 Triond articles on my portfolio. This month's all about writing!

Increasing views and traffic involve good contents to be promoted online. Freelance writers need to balance writing for money and promoting to get more money. And that's my simple plan this November - write good contents.

I finally got my 100 Badge. I plan to get the next badge, which is 200. Here's a screenshot of the e-mail Triond sent me when I reached a hundred. It was a fun day for me.hihihi...

And so, I have a new feat at hand! Instead of going for that next hundred in one go; I plan to make it as fun and as doable as possible (which should always be the case). One thing I learned in making money online is that is should always be fun first! Otherwise, we all lose interest, especially when the pay starts with a few cents. So what if Triond didn't announce any challenge this month. I am challenging myself, for whatever it's worth. hahaha!

If you plan to make good money in Triond, I suggest you do the same. Balance writing (good articles) and promoting them. It doesn't have to be drastic, my friends. Just remember to keep it simple and reachable so that it be will fun for you and your readers. You'll see how far it will take you. My favorite motto in life is to do this slowly and yet surely. It applies to all sort of things; and yes even on the different ways to make money online.

That's it for now. You can cheer me anytime. hehehe...

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