Nov 12, 2011

Thank you Triond for my October Payment

Thank you Triond for my October payment.

I can say once more that... I make money writing! hahahah!

I'm happy with my 15 bucks online income. I used to get 50 cents from this site so this is rather a big payday for me. More so, I got about the same amount last month when Triond gave me a 30% bonus for writing at least 20 articles. This October, I wrote was able to publish just 3, and here I get about the same cash money! Yay me!

Last October, I focused on how to get Triond views rather than writing for Triond. Writing online for money requires online promotion and marketing as well. That's where SEO techniques come in. I mostly use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon in promoting my Triond links. I need to broaden my SEO knowledge in order to make good money in Triond, though. I am very happy with how things are going with me in this site. Still, I am looking for way to improve my stats. I'm always looking for ways to better myself and my online income.

This month of November, I'm thinking of writing for Expertscolumn, as well. I plan to leave Triond backlinks in my Expertscolumn article.  I like to make money by writing; but I don't like copy-pasting my works from one site to another. (Although that is totally allowed with EC.) Anyway, I plan to write a 300-word article for my Triond articles (also with a minimum of 300 words) in order to multiply my readership and views and online money through writing.

I use beingwell in EC, too in case your wondering. hahaha! If you are ever there, feel free to read some of my articles. You know I'll earn a few cents whenever you view my works.

So there! Once more, all my thanks for Triond. More power to yah!

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