Nov 17, 2011

Article Writing - Done! What's next?!?

Earlier this month, I set a goal for myself to write at least 20 Triond articles for November. Thank goodness, I was able to make it.

Freelance writers like me, who are not employed to write and with no specific company to write for, need to make goals in writing for money. Writing for Triond has become one of my well-paid hobbies online; and I'd like to be better at it each and every time. That is the very reason why I set this goal in the first place. And I am just happy to see it through.

This month, I've set to put writing online first; and promoting them later. Now that I have reached my 20-mark goal, I can proceed in seeking way on how to get views. Writing for Triond is just as easy (or as hard - how ever, you would like to perceive it) as getting Triond views. I believe that long-time writers can make good money in Triond by promoting 80% of the time and writing only 20%. However, for a new writer, it should be the other way around - that's 80% writing; while promoting 20% of the time. That is just my theory, though. Prove me right or prove me wrong.

Anyway, speaking of getting the links out there, I am promoting my Triond links to Stumbleupon as I write this article. It's rather easy once you have a system. I know that I need to learn more of the SEO techniques to get organic views. But for now, I am enjoying the views from social sites like Stumbleupon, Facebook and Twitter. I do get a few views from and They are overwhelming for someone like me; but I need to know how to increase them. There has got to be a way. Any tips, guys? :)

Moving on.. my next step is to gather traffic and views. I still have half the month to figure out how to increase my money in Triond. I'm thinking of using Digg and Perhaps I can make good money from these sites, too. I will definitely let you know.

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